Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shoot Your Kids Workshop: SUCCESS!!

Hey everybody!

Our workshop was insane! We had parents from all over: Dallas, St. Louis, Joplin, Tulsa, Little Rock, etc. as well as plenty of locals. In all, there were 45 (our room held 50, but we had to count our workers). We were only suppose to take 40, but a few REALLY wanted in on the last day after it sold out, so I let 'em in. I'm glad I did! It was such a fun group!

It's only been a day and my inbox has been flooded from workshop attendees with nice things to say after yesterday's event! There was a lot of work involved, and some important people to thank. First off, Meredith was amazing throughout the entire process, getting the word out, figuring out tricky details, etc. Thanks Mere! Second, Mpix was so helpful! They were able to print up some samples to show as well as helping out financially. We could not have done this without their support! Third, Lauren was super helpful not only in the prep work, but also helping out our attendees who had camera questions, and doing all the administrative work throughout the day. Thanks to Steven, who videographed the workshop, from which I took stills below - he also took the group shot. Thanks to Kirsten at Riffraff for sharing some amazing stuff for the shoot. Also, thanks to the Cosmopolitan Hotel for a great staff that was super helpful and a great space located right off the square!

Lastly, and most importantly, I want to thank Ellie. Not just because she's the most amazing daughter, but because she was my model for the shoot. She sometimes gets nervous in front of people, especially 45 people with cameras, but she was wonderful. She was attentive, not shy, adorable, and did a wonderful job modeling. She was even laughing with the group, which was awesome to see. Every day she amazes me more. Thanks, Ellie, for everything you add to my life!

The workshop was unique in that there were a lot of moms (with some really nice cameras, might I add), as well as some beginning photographers who are interested in starting their own business. As you know, I'm always happy to help other photographers who share my pay it forward attitude.

We had a great schedule that worked out brilliantly. We started the day talking about photo composition and how to use our own specific cameras. Then, we had a live shoot followed by lunch. After lunch we had a session on how to make neat products using mpix and our textures, backgrounds, and templates, and then concluded the schedule with some basic photoshop tips and tricks.

Though we were scheduled to finish at 3, and we did, Meredith, Lauren, and I stayed for another hour and a half talking to attendees who wanted to chat about whatever. It was SO fun! I've already been asked a dozen times if we're going to do a follow-up workshop. We'll see!

Thanks to all who came! I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Talk to you soon,

I want to put a caption for this shot, but I have no idea what I'm talking about... ha ha!

Helping an attendee with her camera functions...

During the live shoot indoors...

During the live shoot outdoors...


  1. im sure you are a great teacher! i like seeing pics of you in all of your photog glory!

  2. It was wonderful! You are a really good teacher and I learned mucho! =) Thanks for doing SYK!

  3. Dale, SYK was awesome!!!! I am anxiously waiting a follow up!!!! (hint, hint, wink, wink....:0). You are a great instructure and so talented. Our group loved all of you!!! And wow, Mere can draw, I so want the png's. It was a great time, well put together and useable information. It was great to meet you all in person, love your style and presentation.

    Thanks for everything,
    Tracy in AR

  4. Really wish I could have come!! ps that picture of you teaching..'valasoraptor impression'..HA
    You two are so fun, I bet you had a blast! Also didnt know you taught a class at Crowder... WHAT!!..sign me up sisterbrother.


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