Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Arkansas Wedding Photographer: Garvan Gardens: Leslie and Taylor tie the knot

Hey everybody!

My superstar Orange County wedding photographer buddy Becker flew in to Little Rock last week for his workshop, which I wrote about here. However, his main reason for coming to this "fly-over state" was to photograph a wedding at Garvan Woodland Gardens in Hot Springs. Since I've shot at Garvan Gardens a few times (most recently at Bree and Donald's wedding), I offered to second shoot the wedding and was happy when my buddy obliged (thanks again, Becker, for having me second shoot!!) Make sure to check out more from Leslie and Taylor's great Garvan Gardens wedding on Becker's Blog.

Here are some details from the wedding day. I particularly adore the Christian Louboutin shoes. Go ahead, tell me I'm a girl for even knowing about Christian Louboutin shoes in the first place.

And then a close up of some of the bling Leslie wore on her wedding day:

Some final touches by the talented make-up artist. Leslie looked so gorgeous!

And then the veil, which was a gorgeous birdcage veil that looked so dramatic and romantic. By the way, 2nd shooting was such a stretch for me, but so fun! I was able to pull back and just go with the flow, while also trying as much as possible to stay out of Becker's shot. Ha ha! It forces you to be a little creative, which is how I ended up with this shot:

Next, it was time for her first meeting with Taylor. How about this amazing staircase at the Arlington Hotel!

What a sweet moment when they first saw each other. I love couples like this! So sweet...

Leslie was just naturally beautiful. Becker got a ridiculously amazing shot down in the lobby against the elevator. Here's my take on the scene...

And for my non-photog readers, the fella in the midst of the ladies here is Becker. I love the mix of natural and ambient light here:

Okay... so here we are at Garvan Gardens. How sweet is this little angel!!!

This was a sweet moment captured just before we started the family portraits. It almost looks like a portrait - that's how natural and beautiful this couple is!

Then we actually did head off to some portrait action:

This might be my favorite portrait of the day right here. Some lovely 1.2 goodness!

And then a couple wide shots (I typically don't shoot wide on portraits, but Becker was shooting with my favorite - the 50mm 1.2, so I thought I'd be a little different than usual. I liked it a lot!)

And now it was time to say some vows. Here's the bride with her father walking down the aisle at Anthony Chapel:

I love picking off little moments like this during ceremonies:

And then it was time to get dowwwwwnnnn!!!

Finally, my single favorite image of the day was this moment at the reception. By the way, GUYS, this is how you kiss a girl:

Leslie and Taylor, it was great to spend the day with you both! I wish your family the absolute best!

Becker, thanks so much for an unforgettable, action-packed 5 days. Sorry if I frightened you - ha ha! I'll see you again soon, my friend! I had such a blast!!

Talk to you soon,


  1. Nice shooting bro. They look great. I bet 2nd shooting is a lot more relaxing. I know what you mean about shooting wide for portraits. I'm the same way.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Dale! Christy S

  3. These are great Boo! So glad you and B finally got to shoot a wedding together! I'm in love with the pic of the little girl and her dad.....to die for!!!!!
    So proud!

  4. What a gorgeous couple! Great shots Dale. You're really one of the best! I wish I could get married again just to have you and Mere do the pics!

    Sarah Blentz

  5. awesome! you are so good. thanks for coming and thanks for everything last weekend!

  6. Wow, these are amazing. You totally rocked it out! I love that staircase shot, divine!

  7. Dale - sweet! I got your link from Becker. Great job! LOOOOVE the staircase and dancefloor shots.

  8. Thanks for all the nice comments, everybody! You made my day!

  9. Now that's some serious 2nd shooting! Beautiful!!

  10. OMG! The staircase shot is UN-believable!!
    Great job, Dale!
    Your work is such an inspiration to me!
    A Moment in Time Photos

  11. Hey Buddy! Love the pics! Hope you had a good time with Becker.

  12. Y'all do such a great job! Glad you got to second-shoot with Becker...he's pretty cool!
    Great dance shot at the end.

  13. LOVELY work, Dale. I especially like the stairwell and elevator shots!

  14. The shot on the stairs is breathtaking! I can't stop looking at it!
    Great job, again!
    Merna Havner


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