Saturday, September 19, 2009

Crash + Crash Course + near-Crash = crazy few days!

Hey everybody!

It's been a really crazy few days! After Chicago, I flew in to Little Rock to pick up my buddy Becker from the same airport. The problem came after I rented a car so I could send my girls on their way to Northwest Arkansas in my car. After sliding around in the rain (I swear the car had bald tires, but it was the "only one" they had) this car decided to slide right of the road into the fence at the airport.

Let me say this about that: an airport is NOT a place to wreck a car.

After a silent celebration that not only was I alive but also that I got the rental car insurance, I was quickly surrounded by a mix of airport maintenance trucks, the police, and Homeland Security. Apparently creating a perimeter breach was bad... very, very bad.

When the heavy duty questioning finished, I was finally able to head back inside the airport, get a new car, and pick up Becker, but not before I was given a citation (that I will be fighting).


Thursday was much better. Becker put on his crash course (no pun intended) workshop and one of my favorite 2010 couples, Patrick and Brooke, were the models. It was a fun day meeting some new photographers and seeing photog friends.

When the workshop was over, Becker interviewed me about photography, marketing, photog and vendor relationships, etc. for the [b] school. It was a great experience to be the star of the show for a bit and help out other photographers all over the country. [if you're a bschool member, the video is now posted inside the classroom]


Friday was just as eventful. Things started out so fun and relaxed as Becker did a little shoot that I 2nd shot on. After that we checked out of the Capitol Hotel and ate some Sushi Cafe (my Little Rock fave!) then started the trip to Hot Springs, where we're photographing a wedding today. The thing is, my bad car luck continued when I ran over a bungya cord that decided to wreak havoc on my 2nd rental car's tire, flattening it as we listened... [b] was entertained as he shot video of the event:
Watch the video!


So, that's where I've been, and what I've been up to. I am LONGING for my own bed - don't get me wrong Becker is a great cuddler - ha ha! I'll be back home Sunday night. Back to my two-headed shower. Back to my bed. Back to my doggies. And back to my girls.

Talk to you soon,

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  1. At least you have a good story to tell! Can't wait to see images from your wedding with Becker.


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