Monday, September 28, 2009

Today is all about you!!

UPDATE - Thanks for your emails, everybody! I love reading about y'all! Even the sad stuff :( My favorite thing in life is to feel connected, and hopefully you feel connected to me as well! Keep the updates coming! Love y'all!

Hey everybody!

When my dad owned the Photo Place (the lab where I got my first "real" job), he knew every customer by name. He also encouraged me to know every customer by name. Not only that, he was genuinely concerned with what was going on in their life. Because of that, I believe the same thing was engrained in me to genuinely care about my clients.

I feel like everyday I get on here and blab about what I've been doing. I have, in fact, been quite busy... enough to keep a steady blog-versation going, one-sided as it may be. Well, today I wanna do a little something different.

I have about a thousand people who read this everyday, whether it be in an inbox, an RSS, or a drop-by. And I wanna know what you're doing! What's going on in your life?! You already know what's going on in mine!

If you have a minute, I'd love to hear from you. Leave a comment below, or if you wanna share some juicy good-stuff with me (i.e. "Hey! I'm pregnant!" or "I think I'm going to propose!" or "I wish my kids would close their mouths for five minutes!" etc.) email me:

I am genuinely interested in what's going on with my followers and fans, and would love to chat it up!

Talk to you soon!


  1. I am excited for Hailey and Matt's wedding saturday! : ) See ya there!

  2. Let me start by saying I am not pregnant but I am the father of a couple of great kids. I have been in the photography business for the past five years and started just as a way to get better sports pictures of my kids. Next thing you know I am booking portrait session and the rest is history. I just started offering wedding coverage about a year ago and love it!!! It’s really fun to see couples starting a new life together and I am sucker for a good reception. I love to see people having a good time and I have witnessed my share for sure. I have been strongly influenced by west coast photographers like Becker, Jasmine Star, and Mike Colon who all promote sharing as part of there business practice. I have tried to take that same approach and help anyone that ask and have a few people I regularly send links to when I find something that could benefit them. I also started a newsletter about a year ago and have been reaching out to local wedding vendors interested in being featured, all for free. The newsletter has been a great way for me to meet other wedding professional and to promote both of our businesses. I only found your and blog about 6 months and really enjoyed it. Your one of the main reason I joined the [b] school and I got my money back in education material the first day, such a great resource for photographers. Not sure if this is what you had in mind with this post but that’s my story.

    P.S. If I ever become pregnant I promise to come back and post it here first, you have my word on that. Have a great day and thanks for giving back

  3. well you KNOW what im up to! planning this wedding that is only FOUR days away! can you believe it? i am beyond excited for you and meredith to be there and to share all of the moments with you both! yea!! see you soon!

  4. I am staying home with my sick child/dog Kodi. I just had the joy steam cleaning the carpet to get out the liquid poo reminants. Fun day! Lol

    Rachael N.

  5. Hi Dale!

    As you know, I had my wedding photographed on Sept. 20 by the wonderful Lauren and Jessica from the unparalleled Benfield Photography! :) Theennn, I went to Charleston, SC for four days on the most perfect, blissful honeymoon EVER. As of yesterday, we are back to the grindstone.

  6. I wish you were closer to WI so you could photograph my wedding.

    That's my thought of the day. :)


  7. My dog was neutered today. Hope it calms him down a little.

    (love your stuff!)


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