Friday, September 11, 2009

Two big announcements!! (an unofficial letter to Chi-Os!)

Hey everybody!

I've been getting LOTS of questions about what these two announcements are. The first one is directly related to the second one, so make sure you read the entire post!

First, we've reached our goal for 2010 in number of weddings booked!! Woohoo!! In 11 years, this is the fastest we've booked up for the following year. Part of it has to do with our amazing network of friends and vendors and past clients who rave about us constantly to their newly-engaged buddies! To that, we say from the bottom of our hearts: THANK YOU!!! Another part of it has to do with us deciding to take 15 fewer weddings than we took this year, and 25 fewer than we took the year before.

This led to a problem.

(And now the second big announcement - which is particularly important to the Chi-Os who have emailed me in the last week, or have cried to their sisters about us - yes, I hear it all! ha ha!)

We are going to take 10 more weddings for 2010!!! This is still 5 fewer than we took this year, so we'll still keep our sanity.
Also we're only going to be taking retainers for 2010 weddings until October 15th, 2009!! That means you only have ONE MONTH, or be one of the first ten to reserve.

So, Chi-Os - call us (479-871-2479) or email us ( right away and let's talk about your wedding! Or, anyone else for that matter! But after the 10 spots are gone, or the date passes, that's it!!! Any more than that and our life will get crazier, and we can't have that! :)

BTW, I want to explain why we limit our number of weddings. We can shoot 50 weddings a year and drive ourselves crazy, but that's no fun. We L-O-V-E getting to know our wedding couples personally and offer them the attention to detail they deserve. Also, we have an amazing 1 week turnaround time on wedding photos. During the week following a wedding, we work like CRAZY getting every image polished for you so that when you get home from your honeymoon you have an email waiting from us with a link to your images. It's a difficult task to achieve, but it is something I'm very dedicated to achieving, and I want to continue that through 2010. This is a major reason limiting the number of weddings is so important to us. Make sense? Good!! Now call us to snag up one of those final spots!!

Talk to you soon,

P.S. If you follow me on twitter, I'll try to keep the count updated, but I'm going to be traveling like crazy in the next month.

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