Thursday, October 1, 2009

American Girl Store: A Crazy Trip!

Hey everybody!

Mere and I are off to Atlanta for a SHORT trip. But before we head off on another trip, I should blog about the last trip we went on...

So, you might remember the quick trip Mere, Ellie, and I took to Chicago a couple weeks ago. We had a blast doing all sorts of things with Ellie, but the biggest and the best was our special day at the American Girl Doll Store. Ellie has had American Girls dolls for a couple years now, this past Christmas we got her "Mia" the American Doll "girl of the year." Ellie and Mia had QUITE the day!

When we got to the AG Store, Ellie was beside herself. I'm man enough to admit that I cried a little when I saw how truly excited she was.

Anyway, we started out the day with reservations for lunch at the American Girl Cafe. The fancy pink and black decor was every little girl's dream and Ellie was no exception!

Next on the agenda was to take Mia to her hair appointment at the American Girl Hair Salon. Ellie got to pick the hairstyle she wanted for Mia.

While Mia was getting her hair styled we shopped till we dropped! Ellie and Mia got matching outfits! Ellie chose "the Photographer" outfit to purchase for both her and cute, right? I love that photographers have such a cool name amongst American Girl lovers :)

As soon as Mia's hair was styled to perfection we headed to our appointment at the American Girl Photo Studio. After Ellie and Mia both changed into their new outfits, it was time for their cover shoot! Ellie already thinks she's famous from this blog (funny, right?!) so seeing her face on the HUGE screen definitely reinforced that idea.

Mere caught this pic of my debit card being swiped! This happened quite a lot. Haha!

When we left the store we took Ellie out in front of the store to have our own little photo shoot of her and Mia! Here are my favorites!

I love the ending shot:

So much so that I had to get in on one.

What a crazy, fun day we had!!

Talk to you soon,


  1. What a daddy. I will have to hide this from my Libby. I think my debit card might explode!

  2. You guys are so amazing! You caught some fabulous moments that Ellie (as well as you and Mere) will always be able to treasure!

    One day I hope to take both of my girls to the AG store. Baylee is just starting to figure out the whole AG craze!

    Hugs - Tiff

  3. will you adopt me??!!!!????? Looks like you guys had a super fun time!

  4. I loved American Girl. My American Girl stuff is practically vintage. It looks like you had SO much fun and it was totally worth every cent! :)

  5. How sweet a Dad are you?! My two favorites are Ellie outside swinging her doll around and then the shots with all the shopping bags - they're like an ad for American Girl. Love it!!!

  6. I especially love the b&w photo at the end... any chance you'd be willing to share your b&w conversion secrets?

  7. OMG DALE! These pictures are ADORABLE! LOVE LOVE LOVE the ones with the shopping bags! She is TOO cute for words


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