Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chapel on the Creeks Arkansas wedding: Matt and Hailey tie the knot: the wedding day story!

Hey everybody!

Yesterday, I hinted at the fabulous Chapel on the Creeks wedding of Hailey and Matt. Today, you get to see the photography that tells the story of their wedding day! Though Chapel on the Creeks is pretty just by itself, it's even prettier when you have a gorgeous couple and wedding party to throw in the pictures. :)

As we got to the Chapel Saturday, the rain was holding off, and produced a gorgeous sky for our backdrop:

Because Hailey was the ultimate and most amazing DIY bride (do it yourself), I had to photograph lots and lots of details! Her red, black, and white was carried out well, and the ornate theme was perfectly done: enough but not too much. From painting candelabras that her mom helped her start collecting months before the wedding to little frames with messages to her guests, Hailey carried out her dream wedding her way. By the way, it was super sweet when Matt gave a toast to Hailey at the reception (held at Savor restaurant) and thanked her and gave her credit for an amazing wedding with gorgeous details. Way to go Matt!

Here are her details:

Okay, back to the Chapel on the Creeks for the wedding. Hailey enlisted her sisters Hillary (maid of honor) and Heather (matron of honor) and some lovely friends as bridesmaids. Here are a few helping her with some final touches before heading down the aisle.

I love moments like these in ceremonies. Yes, a wedding ceremony is serious business, but who says you can't laugh?!! How sweet!

And then the kiss. Gotta have the kiss. Matt pushed her back as he continued to kiss her. So much so that she almost lost her veil. Atta boy! :)

On to the reception! Their reception was held at Savor, which is one of my favorite new Fayetteville restaurants (especially for brunch!) and had the greatest canvas for Hailey to work with. After her magic, that room transformed!

I shot a lot of the dancing shots with the room in the background to not only show off these details, but include some of the great ambiance! Here are a couple sweet shots from Hailey and Matt's first dance.

Okay, so let me just say that over the course of Hailey's wedding planning, we've become quite good buds! We talk at least weekly, and sometimes even daily. So, when she wanted to grab a quick pic with me, I was excited to be on the other side of the camera (for once).

Then, as the party continued, Hailey's dad, Les (who is about as cool as they come!) jumped on the dancefloor with his three daughters. You already know I love daddy/daughter moments!

I definitely have to set this next shot up: very funny. Before Hailey tossed her bouquet, she had a little pow-wow with her sister Hilary. It was pre-determined that she would catch it and then Benfield Photography could shoot her wedding sooner rather than later ;) Well, it just wasn't in the stars for Hillary Saturday night. She was robbed:

Near the end of the night, the Razorbacks secured a victory over Texas Tech so we had to, of course, call the hogs. However, we took it a step further and added fun noses! There might even be a picture of me on facebook with one of these super snouts.

And this has got to be one of my favorite moments from the entire day. As Hailey and Matt were leaving to sparklers outside Savor, she stopped him to get one last kiss in front of all of us. Look at the picture it made! I love it love it love it!!!

And now, a quick note to Her Royal Highness: it was so great getting to know you so well this year. I remember the first time you called and we could tell we were going to be quick friends! Keep up the FAB, and keep me in the loop. If the next time I see you is at Hillary's wedding, I'll be very upset ;)

Talk to you soon,


  1. Dale,
    These are amazing. And I can't believe she was a DIY bride. This is amazing stuff.

    Looking at this wedding (through your amazing pictures) almost makes me want to get married again. . .to the same guy of course. I might have to settle for reserving Benfield Photography for some updated couple shots of me and my hubby! :)

    Great job, as usual!

  2. Ah-mazing! What a beautiful wedding!

  3. hailey did such a good job with the details!! so the pics :)

  4. You guys hit it out of the park! FUN wedding!

  5. dale i have said it a million times and i will say it again.. you are amazing! You made these detials come to life! I cant wait to see the rest!

  6. um DUH we will be friends...always. once you have a small dose of hailey you have to have more! haha.

    and i will see you january 22nd for the benny awards. i have already told matt that we have to take the day off so we can make it to fayetteville in time. wouldnt miss it for the world!!!!


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