Monday, October 5, 2009

Hailey and Matt's wedding: the photography lesson

Hey everybody!

The lesson today is an easy one! Almost anyone with a macbook or macbook pro can whip this up in no time. However, if you have said computer but are dumb when it comes to working it, pay attention!

At Hailey's wedding reception after the first dances were over I downloaded my 8gig card that I had been shooting on all day (I was shooting jpeg, which is KEY to make this work!) BTW, if I get any ignorant comments about not shooting RAW I won't publish them - ha ha! I knew at the beginning of the day that I was going to want to shoot JPEG and show a slideshow because all the cute bridesmaids were ringless on the finger that counts (except one). What does that matter, you ask? They are all my future clients, of course! :)

Okay, here's how I did it in literally NO TIME AT ALL!! I downloaded the card - I kept shooting the festivities as this was going on. Once it finished, and there was a lull in the action, I opened up Photo Mechanic (SO FAST!) and flipped through and grabbed my favorite 40-50 shots and COPIED (not move) them to a folder on the desktop I made called "slidshow pics" Then, in my desktop properties (right-click on desktop and click on "change desktop background") and then click on the screensaver tab. On the left of that window there will be a + sign. Click on it and navigate to your slideshow pics folder on the desktop. Also, click on the "Hot Corners" button and set one of them so you can just drag the mouse to that corner to start the slideshow. EASY!!!

Here's a fun shot I got of my future clients with the bride oooohhhing and aaaahhhhhing over the images.

For more tips, join the B school!

Happy shooting!

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  1. matt was in awe of all of the pics!! it was def the best present ever! thanks mere for the great job :)


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