Thursday, October 8, 2009

Jim and Pam's wedding: the photography lesson

Hey everybody!
All this talk about Jim and Pam's wedding on the Office got me to thinking that I haven't done my photography lesson for Jim and Pam's wedding. Whoops! As I cycled through the photos, one stuck out that could use a little teaching. It's a image I caught with off-camera flash:

Now, let me explain how I got this shot (non-photogs, just look at the pretty picture and ignore the rest... ha ha). First I was shooting with my Canon 5D mark II with a 24mm 1.2L II lens.
My settings were:
ISO 800,
F-stop 1.2,
shutter 1/60sec.
Exposure mode: manual
White Balance mode: auto (sometime I use flash, but not for this shot b/c I'm not shooting direct flash or bounce flash)

Now for the cool back lighting! I use the new pocket wizards that recently came out: The Flex TT5 and the mini TT1. They're super small and unobtrusive unlike the previous version. It's a simple set up, and you can run TTL. In this case, I didn't. I had my flash set on manual b/c I knew I wanted it to be a big brighter than the ambient light. Then, I metered for Jim and Pam's faces (1/60 at 1.2). The shot would have worked well either way, but the flash added a bit of awesomeness. Also, it bounced off the wall behind me and added a pretty nice, minimal fill. Here's a link to the pocket wizards I used, in case you wanna check them out or buy them:

Here's what they look like:

For more cool tips and an awesome community of photographers, check out the b school!

Happy shooting!

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