Monday, October 19, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday: solo NYC trip edition

Hey everybody!

I don't normally do these, but there is so much going on in my little world right now that I feel like I need to get it all out.

This week I'll be flying to NYC (Wednesday through Saturday). This is the second time in as many years that I've had to leave Meredith behind as I head to the Big Apple. Last time was for a NYC wedding; this time, mpixpro is flying me out there (in their jet - heck yes!) for Photo Plus. Niiiiiice! I'm excited to be there and to connect with other photographers like always.


I've downloaded a ton of new apps for my iPhone lately. Some of my faves are: Photoshop mobile, Red Laser (impulse buy! I have no idea why I need this, but it looked way cool), ESPN ScoreCenter (See, I'm still kind of a guy! ha ha!), iRiddles (I've got through them all and got about 75 percent of them right), BlogPress (hopefully this will allow me to post some good stuff on my NYC trip, but who knows), and the Truth or Dare app (this is silly, but fun).


If you follow me on twitter:, you have already seen my iPhone pic that shows what I colored today during color time with Ellie. If not, here it is:
I think it's quite important to remember how to be a kid... but to be really awesome at it. I mean, what 5 year old can color this well? That's what I thought. Seriously though, it was a little therapeutic and got my brain a going, all the while forcing me to practice patience. If you haven't colored in awhile, go do it! If you want to get this coloring book from Anthropologie, here's the link. Yes, I bought Ellie a 20 dollar coloring book. But in my defense, it was a birthday present. And it was awesome. And it was from Anthropologie and, being a guy, I NEVER get to shop there, so BACK OFF!


Okay, so, I just spent a few minutes on Anthropologie after that last tidbit and found this and this for Ellie. Isn't Christmas right around the corner? I might as well... I mean she can't just get these Tom's shoes that I already tweeted about.


I never posted about our giving back from last month. We shot a bunch of stuff, donated some moolah, and gave away a portrait session for the Charity Challenge of Champions. I also got to be in a golf tournament, which was super fun. Hopefully I can post pictures from that. Photographers, and everybody else who reads this: it is so important to give, regardless of what you have! The holidays are near so the opportunities are endless. If you have a great idea for how Benfield Photography can give, let me know by emailing me or leaving a comment below.


By the way, while I'm in NYC, I get to see Wicked. I'm wicked excited about it! And I think Mere's wicked jealous that she won't.


Okay, off to pack and plan! Oh, by the way, the blog will of course be updated every day I'm gone. It's going to be senior week, I think. We shot some freakishly good senior portraits this weekend and are excited to show them off.

Talk to you soon,


  1. A photography-centric way to give back this winter is the Help Portrait initiative. There's an NWA group arranging it, and your talents would be a huge asset to the project! More info at

  2. Love your Anthropologie picks for Christmas! Ellie will love them! Do those Tom's come in my size???


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