Sunday, October 11, 2009

Photography VS. Videography

Hey everybody!

Through my twitter followers, I find many interesting wedding related stories. Recently, I read an article on Project Wedding ( about whether a bride should hire a photographer or videographer (or both). The article talked about the pros and cons of each, and then glossed over the opportunity to have both.

This last part was pretty disappointing. I don't know why video has fallen by the wayside!!

As you know I can carry on an on about how important photography is (I believe it is THE most important thing, but that's not what this post is about). But many brides out there don't realize how important videography is. And GOOD videography at that! Let me just illuminate...

For anyone who has been married 5 years, 10 years, 20 years... do you remember your vows? Do you remember how your voice cracked speaking them? Do you remember how loud the applause was when you were first announced? Videography has a way of capturing sound that is so important in remembering little details of the day.

And it's not just about sound. Videography, like photography, is an artform. There are specific styles that videographer's adapt/possess that enhance the way you remember your wedding day. I suggest finding a videographer who has a unique style that you seem to "get" and who is fun and easy to work with (as I do with any wedding professional you hire).

Speaking of professionals, I'm a firm believer in choosing PROFESSIONALS for your wedding day. A first soccer game, a 7th birthday, or a piano recital... these are things I think family members should be allowed to videograph. On the other hand, weddings should not be trusted to anyone but a professional. Not only is there the style and experience that are vital to a good final product, but there is the highly technical equipment, microphones, etc. There are just too many variables to trust to an amateur or family member.

So, to finish this let me just summarize: get a dang videographer! They are such an important part of the documentary process. I think I'll have photographers, videographers, sketchers, painters, and anybody else I can find to document my own special day. :)

Agreed? Good! If you need a videographer for you wedding, I've got a good one for you! Check NILO out here!

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  1. I agree about having a videographer, there are things that pictures cannot capture. For instance, I will always be able to watch and remember that my husband didn't just say "I do" once...but twice (he got a little excited or nervous). So its good to have all those memories covered. Thanks for letting all the brides know to cover all their bases!!

  2. I love what you mentioned about your voice cracking and how it's hard to remember it down the road. So true!
    Great post boo!

  3. My voice cracks every time I speak, but I definitely agree with your post!
    Thanks Dale! You and Mere are the best!!!


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