Friday, October 2, 2009

Quick trips

Hey everybody!

We're 1/2 way back (aka 1 flight down, 1 flight to go) from Atlanta. When I don't check bags, and when they're direct flights, I must say that I love traveling. It stems from my love of meeting new people, which I did, and photographing new places, which I also did.

Meredith and I left yesterday at one from Fayetteville in particularly good spirits and touched down just under two hours later and were off to the W Hotel. Oh, I also love the W Hotel. Wait, that deserves and exclamation: I love the W Hotel!

Tangent alert: Not only do I love their branding and business model, I just feel fresh and inspired anytime we stay there, which is whenever and wherever we can. Which brings up the whatever/whenever policy they have - how cool is that?! I'd love to be the W Hotel of wedding photography. :) Anyway, it's a great place to be inspired just before a photoshoot!

Back on track: We met up with Katy and Jose at the W and journeyed midtown seeking out picturesque backdrops, which was not at all a challenge in this pretty city. We'll have more on the shoot next week.

After the shoot, Meredith and I grabbed a not-so-quick but oh-so-delicious bite at the Spice Market restaurant before we met up with some local Atlanta photographers. One of my favorite things about the b school, which celebrated its first birthday yesterday, is that it has connected us with lots of photographers all over the place. A good group came out to the W to meet up with us (thanks, Allie, for gathering the group!). Mere and I made some new friends and had some good chats over the next few hours. See a picture taken at the end of our GTG here (we should have taken it earlier so everyone who came could be in it - whoops!)

So, that's about it for noteworthy happenings. We'll be back in town tonight and off to Ellie's soccer game in the morning before the fabulous and gorgeous Hailey marries Matt tomorrow. Oh, come back tomorrow for her insanely gorgeous bridal portraits!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. This post's title reminds me of one of the things I miss most about Tulsa, Quik Trip! Yumm! They have the best slushies! =)


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