Saturday, October 17, 2009

What I'm reading: two stories

Hey everybody!

Today I have two short stories. Before I tell them to you, I have to disclose that I am THAT dad... the one who brags on his kid.

Earlier this week, Meredith invited her sister and friend to go see David Sedaris at the Walton Art Center. She brought a book for him to write in and sign: Me Talk Pretty One Day.

Well, today Ellie read the cover (on her own) and then said, "this should say 'I talked pretty one day'" to which I responded to Mere with a tear gleaming in my eye, "she's going to be an editor!"

Secondly, Ellie and I read (for the umpteenth time) Where the Wild Things Are again today. We did this in preparation for the movie, which we just got home from watching.

As we always do after movies, I asked her what her favorite part was, and she told me. Then I asked her what she thought the message of the story was. Before I tell you what she said, let me just say that I thought I was going to have to explain and explain and explain again what "theme" means. But no.

She said, "I think the message is that people should not hurt each other." Simply and correctly put.

Again, that's editor material, that is.
In closing, I thought I'd write for a second about why this second book resonates so deeply with me. Growing up, I know I was a little snot-nosed, punk kid. I got in trouble at school all throughout k-6 grades. When people upset me I tried to get them back, and at home I'd even leave like Max did. And though I was never appointed king by a group of wild things, I did have a group with which we would roam around and lived as we pleased. I knew the freedom Max did, but I also knew how great it was to have a mom to come home to. Warm goulash waiting.

Talk to you soon,

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