Monday, November 30, 2009

You might wanna read this. {If you like free money}

***UPDATE*** My buddy John from Mpix saw this and emailed me... if you don't win (no one has emailed me yet), he gave me a code for you! Here's his message:
"As an added bonus... if they don't win....they can enter promo code daleb and receive 10% off the order. The code is only good for the next 48 hours."

Hey everybody!

Let me be very clear... this is NOT the first person who emails me. It is NOT the first to call me. It is NOT the first person to leave a comment.

It IS the first person to place an order with MPIX and enter the code and pin included in this blog!

Out of the KINDNESS of my own heart, and with the money of my own pocket, I am giving this 20 dollar gift card to whomever reads this first and places an order with They are a great, no wait... GREAT lab, and I recommend them to every beginning photographer I know! (for an expanded product line and pro services, I recommend MpixPro)

So, here it is! If you didn't win the code, you should go ahead and finish the order to see how FrEaKy FAST and sUpEr QUALITY they are.

Gift Code Pin Amount
2012588568157313 7742 $20.00

If you are the LUCKY WINNER, come back here and leave me a comment!
If you are not the lucky winner, leave a comment and tell me I'm a jerk for only offering one.

Good luck!

Also, check back tomorrow for an INSANE engagement session - can you say VINTAGE?!?!

Talk to you soon,


  1. Hey Dale, I never thought I would beat everybody out on the gift certificate on Mpix, but I did!!!! My birthday is tomorrow, so this will be my first gift and getting pics of my girls will be great! You rock!!
    Thanks, Christy S

  2. I tried to do this, but the gift code said it was invalid, so I figured someone else got a hold of it first.

  3. I tried the code about an hour after you posted it and it didn't work. =(
    Thanks for the chance though!


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