Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Why Ellie thinks her daddy is famous...

Hey everybody!

For some time, Ellie has thought that not only is she famous, but that I am famous too. When we're out shopping or causing trouble about town we always run into "blog stalkers" who come up to Ellie and start talking to her as if they know her - Ellie handles this remarkably well (I'm pretty sure she really enjoys it), but she has starting to really think we're famous.

Well, it didn't help that I'm published in the latest version of Popular Photography magazine. Yesterday, we headed to {insert big name bookstore here} because I wanted to pick up a copy of it. Here's the short conversation Ellie and I had while searching out the mag:

me: Okay, Ellie, it's going to be a photography magazine...
Ellie: Are you on the cover?
me: Well, no. I'm on the inside.
Ellie: Oh, like on the very first page?
me: Um, I don't know. We'll see.

Luckily, I am on, like, page 4 or something.

Anyway, if you see us about town, feel free to go along with the "my daddy is famous" story - Hopefully by the time she figures it all out, I WILL be famous. Ha ha!!

Talk to you soon,

here's the cover we found:

and here's the spread - notice the huge image of Heather and Paul?! I die!


  1. Congrats you big celeb!

  2. You guys are sooo famous! Especially Ellie! hahahaha That is awesome! I am gonna go look for it! Hope to see you guys soon! Merry Christmas!


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