Sunday, January 3, 2010

Allison and Baxter's wedding story ~ Arkansas wedding photography

Hey everybody!
Today I want to bring you the fabulous and fun wedding day details and story, complete with a who-ville inspired reception that is SO fun!

Here's a sweet note we got from Allison after she saw her images:

I am in love, I am in love and I don't care who knows it!!!!!!

You guys have seriously swept me straight off my feet. The pictures are absolutely more than I could have ever dreamed - and so fast too! With the holidays and everything, I just figured we would get them sometime in 2010. But you guys went above and beyond again.

Last night was the first night Baxter and I stayed in our own place. We just sat on the couch and went through the pictures and relived the day. It was perfect. Thank you for capturing all the perfect moments and allowing us to experience it all again one week later. I would highly recommend you to anyone! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Thanks, I'd highly recommend you as a bride and groom to anyone - but people normally don't ask me for that. ;)

On with the picture show!

Talk to you soon,

I love Mere's first meeting shot here:

The soon-to-be-if-not-already-famous "poof girl"! Felt like I was a celebrity photographer. ;) Here's a link to her video.

How precious is sweet little Luke signing his name in their engagement guestbook?!!

Allison tossed her bouquet as the horse and carriage drove away - she was so surprised, and excited, when one of her bridesmaids caught the bouquet...

And she got pretty emotional, which I thought was so sweet.


  1. You do amazing work with even more amazing subjects! All the photos perfectly capture the day--forever! Thank you both for making this day even more special.

  2. These pics are always!

    You captured Jill's poof perfectly! Thanks for linking our poof video!:)

  3. i love christmas weddings! so pretty! i spy a hair piece and bouquet flowers i recognize :)

  4. I am not even close to the bride and groom but I knew EXACTLY who the "poof girl" was by her picture. We worked together and I would recognize that gorgeous blonde hair anywhere! Ha ha! But these are great photos!! As always!

  5. Great pictures. We were so sorry to miss the wedding due to a previous responsibility. Allison is our neighbor; it has been so much fun watching her grow up and become the beautiful young woman she is today. Your photos are amazing. I can't wait to see your spread in Ark Bride. We are forming an Arkansas Bloggers group. It's still in the early stages, but I would love for you to link up your blog. Eventually, we will have a blog just for those links. Thanks.

  6. such a sweet wedding!

  7. Wow! This was such a beautiful wedding! The newly-wed couples seemed to be so happy and so in love. How I really love weddings so much especially now that I'm getting married also.

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