Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Benny Awards! Huh??!

Hey everybody!

For the next few days, this blog is going to be all about the Benny Awards. Before I go on and on about them, I thought I'd take some time and tell you what they are and why we have them.

What: It is a super swanky cocktail party we throw for our clients. We also nominate them in various awards and they win fabulous prizes like gallery wraps, mounted prints, and a couture album upgrade. How do they win? They get their friends and family to vote for them and the most votes wins! This year we had more than 16 THOUSAND votes from 47 different states!

Why: There are a few reasons we do this. First, we LOVE our clients. We have the coolest couples in the world (and they all seem to know each other) and we want to go above and beyond for them to show our appreciation. Also, we get our favorite wedding vendors in on the action, because we wanna share the love and hang out with them too! Lastly, we love getting out and having a grand ol' time! Our clients love it, we love it, our vendor friends love it - it's just a super exciting and fun evening.

So, this week will be Benny's week on the blog. Come back each day for a different aspect of the fun evening.

Monday: The Red Carpet
Tuesday: The Details
Wednesday: The Winning Images
Thursday: The Video and wrap-up
Fridays: Thank yous

Can't wait to share with you all week!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. cant wait for all these posts! youve got me hangin on the edge of my seat: )


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