Monday, January 4, 2010

Elesa and Drew: the "decoy session"

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Hey everybody!

Today is kind of a funny post. Remember that fun proposal I got to shoot of Hillary McChristian just before Christmas? Well, I KNOW that if she would have seen me standing around, the surprise would have been blown. So, I asked a super sweet and crazy adorable couple, Elesa and Drew, who are having a Seattle wedding in August of 2011 to pretend to be doing a shoot with me when I met with them earlier in the day. They obliged, and all worked perfectly. They were great decoys, and served their purpose well. Plus, we got some super sweet shots of the couple - check 'em out.

Talk to you soon,


  1. GEEZ!! You think of everything! So smart you are!! : ) Great pictures also!

  2. Simply awesome! Way to go for truly making it a surprise!

    Hugs - Tiff

  3. the square as the background is the greatest! i just love it. so there WAS a decoy couple! i just thought you were photographing random peeps on the square! haha you are genius! super cute pics - as always

  4. I think these umbrella photos are perfect for their Seattle wedding! They should use them somehow in their design of a website, Save the Date, etc...

    Little did you know how TRULY genius this move was, D.

  5. This was my exact comment " wow , there's another stupid couple walking around the square in the RAIN!!!" oh bless steven's heart!! Thank you sooo much for everything! You are the best!!!!


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