Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rebekah and Caleb tie the knot: Portrait time! "The Double Dare session"

Hey everybody!

Rebekah and Caleb seem like old friends. I love how inviting and sweet the both are, and how sweet and inviting they are to each other. Actually, the first time we ever met, way back when, they seemed like old friends. Meredith and I have an incredible track record for not having a bridezilla, but we've also been super fortunate because our grooms are really, REALLY nice. I think you can tell that in these images.

For Rebekah and Caleb's portraits, I asked my twitter followers and facebook friends if I should take them outdoors for their images, even though it was supposed to be zero degrees (it ended up being a little warmer). Here's what some of you had to say:

Greg Stone DO IT!!!
January 8 at 6:55pm ·

Molly Elizabeth Meadows Yeah, do it!!
January 8 at 6:57pm ·

Will Lynch I vote "yay"
January 8 at 6:57pm ·

Becca Gardner Dorn do it!!
January 8 at 6:57pm ·

Danielle Dunn They will do it for the beautiful pictures you will be sure to get... but that is so mean!
January 8 at 6:59pm ·

Grace Hannon YES! Poor things. U will be paying for their hospital visits when they get frost bite.
January 8 at 7:01pm ·

Teresa White That's cold!! But they would be some pretty awesome pics! Just make sure you don't get their foggy breath. That may not be such a beautiful picture... unless they're cute, lovey ones :) I say do it!
January 8 at 7:02pm ·

Angela Birdsill Antunes I remember when we did our engagement pictures and it got cold!
January 8 at 7:04pm ·

Katie Hogan Sitton Do it, I dare you!! Lol!
January 8 at 7:27pm ·

Betty Price do it! make memories!
January 8 at 7:40pm ·

Emily Pumphrey Can you remove goose bumps in photo shop? :)
January 8 at 7:56pm ·

Jennifer Drennon Do it! They will be so excited they wont even notice!
January 8 at 8:43pm ·

Well, I did it! And I'm so glad I did!

Thanks for rockin' the cold, Rebekah and Caleb!

Talk to you soon,

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