Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thankful Thursday! Even when it's hard...

Hey everybody!

All day long, I've not been very thankful. I didn't even want to write this stupid post. Ellie would be upset with me if she knew I just wrote a bad word ("stupid"). Some things I've been excited about lately ended up not panning out, which I realize happens all the time, but I just got bummed. Multiply that with the freezing weather, and with the stress that goes along with traveling pretty much non-stop and I just got really bummed.

One of the things I love about Meredith's dad - no, I'm not changing the subject, just transitioning - is that he is very wise, and sees things for the bigger picture. So, when Mere saw me in the dumps today she said the following:
My dad used to say you can pile your problems on top of everybody else's and once you see theirs, you'll probably want yours back. This reminded me of another tidbit I heard from her dad before, which I've also heard elsewhere, and it is so true:
"I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."

In this world, in this state, in this very city there is a lot of hurt. I lot of people in the dumps, for a lot better reason than mine. For example, it's 11 degrees outside right now and there are people - families - without homes. Meredith, who is great at cheering me up, especially when I don't want to be cheered up, had the idea of taking blankets and coats and warm clothes to Seven Hills Homeless Shelter for those who are less fortunate. Honestly, that was the LAST thing I wanted to do. Grudgingly, I went along and helped pick up items from our friends Amy (Sincerely Yours Amy) and Jenessa (our fave wedding planner) to add to ours and take to the shelter.

Let me leave you with this: I had a crappy day. But the bottom line is I am going to give twice as much this year as last year, so even though it's hard when I'm caught up in a million things that I've got going on, I've got to get off my bummed bum and do some good.

Lastly, if you've read this much, you deserve a treat: Meredith, in completely perfect irony, packed an electric blanket to give to the homeless shelter. I asked her where they were going to plug it in, and she said "I dodn't care. It is still a blanket." True.

Give until it hurts, y'all!
Talk to you soon,


  1. oh boy do i have days like this where i feel like i am the only person in the world that is having a horrible day! Kudos to you for turning your day around by helping others. Because of you there are some warm people thanking you!

    hope you have a better day tmrW!

  2. how can THE dale benfield ever have a bad day? i mean you are surrounded by the most wonderful & adorable redheads in the world! thats always a reason to keep you smiling :)

    in all honesty - i read what yall did on facebook and it made my heart smile. you guys are just nonstop making other peoples lives brighter. theres a special place in heaven for people like you :)

  3. Gotta love our daddy....he is wise. One could write a book of his sayings...oh wait, we did!

  4. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad day. If it means anything though, I just LOVE your blog/pictures. They are amazing! I attend the U of A and if I ever need any sort of pictures take, YOU are the person I am calling! Such great work, keep it up!

  5. I just got out of bed and wrote "you can pile your problems on top of everybody else's and once you see theirs, you'll probably want yours back" in my journal. We all have those days and I'll remember to look back on that quote and smile.

    I want his book of sayings!

  6. Everything you said is so true and I also try to look at things like Mere's wise Dad. I have not had a great week either here in Memphis but I am thankful for the good things in my life and try to focus on that and on helping others out because that always makes things look better. I have not met you yet but Chelsea talks about you guys all the time so I feel like I already know you! Can't wait til the wedding weekend here in are gonna love being here!

  7. That is awesome! I know I've volunteered with the Laundry Love Project and felt SO GOOD when I was done. Helping people do their laundry once per month. Sometimes it's the only time their clothes get washed because they are homeless and not so fortunate.

    I'm glad you got pulled outta your funk! Mere's Dad sounds awesome!

    Hugs - Tiffany

  8. I love that you guys did this. My husband and I were just talking about how I should donate some of the hats and scarves that I've knitted and crocheted for practice.


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