Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wedding Wednesday? Why not!

Hey everybody!

So I mentioned something on yesterday's blog about our wedding being a little over 14 months away and it got a few of you asking for more info! :) And since one of my resolutions (see yesterday's post) is to be a little more personal on here, I thought we'd start to take part in Wedding Wednesdays! It'll be so fun to post snippets and bits of our wedding planning process for the world to see!

So, the main news for today is:
We're excited to announce that we will be married next March in Italy!!

Mere and I have known for a while that we wanted to get married in Italy. Actually, Mere has known most of her life...I'm just the lucky guy that gets to be there with her! OMG, I am so sweet. ;)

We haven't decided on a an exact region, but we've got it narrowed down to a few supremely dreamy locations! We will be taking a trip this March to Italy (my Christmas present to Mere) to scout out the perfect spot and get some inspiration! If anybody out there wants to get married this March (near the end), let me know and you'll have yourself a photographer. Hee hee!

I just thought of a picture I can put for this post! I'm a total dork, and this will prove it. It's how Mere found out I was taking her to Italy as her Christmas present: (the letterpress card that is totally to die for is from Anthropologie) and the poem, well, you can't find stuff like that anywhere. :)

Talk to you soon,

P.S. For those who are deeper in the planning process, or have gone through it already, leave a comment about something we should be prepared for! I don't like surprises. Ha!

P.P.S. If you're an Italy expert, and know a place we should scout, leave us a comment! We love help!


  1. Dale,

    I left you a message on your FB. I think I could atleast offer a tad bit of advice for Italy if interested.

    Let me know.

    Your Neighbor

  2. If you are interested in Tuscany, you might look at Terre di Nano outside of Montepulciano. Lovely place! We stayed in the villa apt. and fell in love with the place.

  3. well, there go my chances of being at your wedding! i've only been to rome and my advice is DON'T get married in that city haha.

  4. How fun!! I have always wanted to go to Italy! Your wedding there will be amazing! Maybe you can call up Tom Cruise and get some advice on a wedding in Italy! :) Looking forward to these wedding wednesday post!

  5. So exciting!
    I studied abroad for a semester in Florence and it is amazing. If you're looking for a city with some fantastic countryside venues close by Florence is the perfect place! There are hundreds of vineyards and beautiful estates within 30 minutes and your guests would get to experience the beautiful art and architecture of the city that started the Renaissance! I could go on and on....

  6. WOW... that is awesome! And, what a great vacation as well to go scope out some awesome places!

    Congrats again!

  7. First and foremost I would like to congratulate you! Marriage is a big step, but the most fun! I love weddings and everything about them! I was going to be a wedding planner, but that did not work out for me. You should check out my face-book page and look at some of the photos of my wedding! I planned everything and the only thing I did not do, are the decorations at the alter! If you would like any help, or need a fantastic calligrapher; let me know! About Italy? I don't know anything about it, but i hear it's AMAZING, and totally romantic! Have fun planning and just remember, don't let little, silly, unimportant facts about your wedding to get you down! God bless and I wish you all the happiness in the world!


  8. Bellagio on Lake Como is one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. The Swiss Alps are across the Lake. The people are super nice too. (Our best honeymoon meal was in Bellagio.) We went to Rome and Venice also but I wouldn't suggest doing a wedding in those cities- it is just too much of everything! We also really liked Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Gorgeous!!!
    I can't wait to see your photographs. Italy is a mecca for amazing photos.
    Shannon Rubin

  9. sweetest thing EVER!!!!! i cannot WAIT to see the posts from that trip :)

  10. Dale,

    My hubs tux pants tore about 10 minutes before the ceremony. Our wedding planner was a quick one with a needle and thread. So if you don't want a "surprise" be prepared with a little sewing kit!:)

  11. I am Sooooooooooooo Lucky to have you in my life.
    Love you!

  12. I also studied in Florence and all I can say is you are about to live my DREAM of getting married over there. Absolutely unreal- not only is it romantic, but Florence has more character than any city I've ever visited. The most wonderful country sides, vineyards, and views EVER. What a perfect place for photographers too :) I agree with Lake Como-it's a dreamland and looks like a painting, Florence-character to the max as I said, Montepulciano (lovely hilltop town that makes you appreciate the simple life), and the Almalfi Coast (Isle of Capri will blow you away). To that list, I will add Cortona, the Chianti Classico Region- specifically Castello di Verrazzano, and last but definitely not least because it is the BEST place you'll see...I wouldn't get married here, but do not leave without a visit to Cinque Terre. I'm slightly obsessed with Italy if you can't tell ha and LOVE that you're having your wedding there. So jealous.

  13. If you don't want any suprises just keep in mind that no matter what happens the most and only important thing is the two of you standing together at the atler getting married. That is all that is important and nothing else matters.

    I kept that in mind the whole way through planning. I plannned my whole wedding in 8 months and I can say everything including the whether was perfect. Even my flowers that arrived pink instead of orange even turned out perfect and looked better then if they came in the right color. So in planning just remember the most important reason for getting married and everything else will fall into place and be perfect for you guys.

    Love your posts!!!

  14. I'm not sure if these will be on your list, but a few of my favorites...

    Amalfi: Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi* LOVE!, Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi, Museum of Paper,

    Lake Maggiore: Hotel Ristorante Belvedere (Fisherman's Island), Bognanco Thermal Center, Orridi di Uriezzo, Isola Bella, Borromean Islands

    Sorrento is also lovely:
    Pizzeria Aurora, Ristorante 'O Parrucchiano, Grand Hotel Aminta


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