Friday, February 19, 2010

Ask Me Anything! Anonymously!

Hey everybody!

I get lots of questions from photographers every day. Normally they are in an email or FB message, and most of them are the same questions I've gotten before. If you're a photographer and would love to ask me a question about shooting, business, or whatever - head over to and type in a question. It's anonymous so nobody will know it was you. :)

Also, if there is something you want LOTS of info about you might suggest a blog topic for me! Obviously, I love blogging, and I love helping out photographers, so let's take care of two birds with one stone!

Lastly, if you're too lazy to go to the link, I put a box on the right column of the blog that you can type your question into.

Have a great day!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. Dale,

    I am new to MPix Pro and I really enjoyed your blog and images. I was very interested to learn about your new "Secret Sessions" business (my wife loved the name by the way) We are up and coming wedding photographers ( and we are trying to do the same thing with a branch off called "beautifully taken". Anyways, how did your community react to it, especially since you are so envolved in giving back. We live in a close-minded community so the reception has not been very pleasant so it makes it hard to advertise and really show off what we can do, do you have any suggestions? The market is there because we have heard of clients traveling to San Diego (2 hours away) to shoot glamour sessions but how do we market ourselves without isolating our wedding business? If you have the time I would love to hear your input..... but I know your a busy guy, thank you for the great posts.


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