Saturday, February 27, 2010

[B] School get together with NWA photogs

Hey everybody!

Northwest Arkansas has been a great place for photographers lately. Because of the [b] school we've found an easy way to connect with each other and become pretty close. For the past year we've hosted a number of get togethers - and I think we've got a great group of friends forming. I love the direction we're heading.

Wednesday, our group got together for some awesome bowling action at FastLane. For the most part, we were terrible. But we clowned around and had a great time. I have to give props to Mere, who beat us all both games. It was a bit of an anomaly, as she claims she's not very good.

Check out some fun shots from the evening. If you're a photographer in NWA who has a great attitude and wants to hang with the cool kids, sign up for the bschool and send us a club invite request.

Talk to you soon,

Here's Ashley McCarty, Mindy Worthington, Ashley, Geoff Duncan, Kristin Hartness, and me on top.

He doesn't even stick his fingers in the holes.

Mere, Ashley, Mindy, and Rachel Blackwell

Rachel eyeing our little pizza. Excuse me, I think we ordered the large.

Geoff doing his part.

Mindy fell on the follow through, but got a strike... so...

Geoff thought he'd hit the deck too. It didn't work.

Mindy wasn't drunk. AT ALL.


  1. looks like a wonderful day :)
    I just found your blog - I like it :)
    A lot of inspiration - thank you !

  2. OK... that picture of me and the pizza is terrible!! It looks I'm getting mentally prepared to eat the whole thing! That pizza really was out of control!


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