Monday, February 1, 2010

Prayer Request for Chelsea

Hey everybody,

I got a little soboring news this weekend about our favorite little Memphis bride Chelsea, who Meredith and I absolutely adore. The following is from their blog,
"Last Wednesday she was rushed to the hospital from school due to problems in her vision, balance, and severe headaches. 5 days later, she is still there. This has been a VERY scary experience for us all. We are still unsure about what exactly has caused this episode, but the good news is the neurologist has ruled out all the 'bad' things."

Please pray for Chelsea that nothing it turns out to be nothing serious, and please pray for Seth and Chelsea's parents, who have taken turns staying with Chelsea. I can't imagine what they're going through - not knowing what's wrong, waiting for any kind of answer. My heart hurts for them!



  1. May God be your comfort and strength during this time, Chelsea & Seth. Praying for His healing touch...

  2. Hey Dale. After reading this about Chelsea it reminded me of what happened to my best friend recently. She was having severe headaches and all the doctors in Joplin kept telling her that she was just having migraines. She knew that something was seriously wrong because you don't just have migraines every day for months at a time. The headaches got so bad she couldn't take care of her children anymore. She was starting to feel like no one was believing her because even her husband was telling her that nothing was wrong with her that she was just having migraines even though it physically hurt every where else. She finally started losing her vision where she couldn't see anymore. An oral surgeon took out her wisdom teeth thinking that they were putting pressure on her vision, but that didn't help, but 1 week later her vision had gotten so bad that the eye doctor finally (not neurologist) is the one who figured out what was wrong with her. She has a disease that is supposed to be prevalent in overly obese people and older people (which she is 26 and definitely not obese) the disease causes excess spinal fluid to build up in the brain and not release like it's supposed to. She was rushed in an ambulance to STL in July and had emergency brain surgery where they shaved her head and put a shunt (spelling??) in her brain to release the fluid into her stomach. The vision problems were better immediately, but not 100%. She was told that if she didn't have the surgery right then she would be blind. It's scary, I could have lost her. Chelsea's problems sounded familiar, her case might not be the same, but I thought maybe I would share.

  3. I will be praying for your friend. That is SO scary and I hope she is okay!

    Hugs - Tiff


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