Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tears of Joy: A Very Special Moment

Hey everybody!

Mere's aunt Misty and Uncle Stan adopted Joy when she was 8 years old, Misty was a special education teacher and Joy was one of her students. Joy has a spirit about her that can lift you up off the ground, She's always smiling or giggling and always gives plenty of hugs, so it was no surprise that she captured Mere's family's hearts from the beginning.

Yesterday Joy and her sweetheart Emmanuel got married. As her dad walked Joy down the aisle, she began to cry. I'm not kidding when I say there wasn't a dry eye in the house, myself included. I feel as if it re-sensitized me to marriage; you could just tell how happy they were together and also how happy the entire room was for them, It was truly touching.

Here is a super sweet picture of Joy and her father (mere's uncle Stan) walking her down the aisle. Joy is overcome with SO precious.

During the ceremony, Mere (who as you may know from previous posts, is known for her gorgeous singing voice), sang one of Joy's favorite songs: Love Me Tender. I actually accompanied her with my guitar! Half way through the song Mere became so overwhelmed with emotion, she ended up crying through the rest of the song. Even though Mere felt bad for letting her emotions get the best of her, I thought it was so sweet and so did everyone else! Seriously, there wasn't a dry eye!!!

Congrats to Joy and Emanuel!
And Happy Valentines Day!
I hope all of you enjoyed a sweet day with your special Valentine!



  1. Such a sweet picture....Joy is one of a kind and I'm so happy for her. I'm glad we all got to share in her special day!

  2. What a wonderful picture! You're right, moments like this re-sensitize how truly special and important marriage really is. Congrats to Joy and Emanuel!

  3. What an incredibly sweet story, thank you for sharing. We hope you two had the most amazing Valentine's Day!!

  4. What a wonderful gift to have someone so special in your life! This story and picture brought me to tears!
    Love your work!

  5. Dale, Thanks for posting this most moving, memorable event. I loved your sweet comments. It is undoubtedly the sweetest wedding I have ever attended. Of course, I'm just a little bit prejudiced.


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