Sunday, March 21, 2010

100 days of exercising... starts now!

Hey everybody!

Let's be real today.

Friday night, I made a promise to Meredith that I was going to kick my booty in gear and start this wedding diet+exercise. I've done a really good job of eating healthy, staying off pop (Dr. Pepper is my crack), and not eating when I'm not hungry, and I've lost some weight. But not like I'm wanting.

When Meredith marries me, she's going to marry a lean, mean version of myself. Well, not mean. But lean! So, I promised her that for the next 100 days I was going to exercise. I hope to work up to Michael Phelps-ish exercise so I can eat whatever I want. I mean, I LOVE to eat yummy food!

Okay, so get this... yesterday (Saturday) was day 1 of this promise. I got up an hour earlier, and got dressed to go run, but the new cut on my toe was REALLY hurting. And the bed looked SOOOOOOOOOO comfy - not to mention there was snow on the ground outside and the temperature dropped 40 degrees overnight. Did I go back to bed? Yes. Dang it! Then, we had an "unlimited hour" wedding in Kansas. It looked as though I was going to break my promise day 1.

Well... not this guy!

You know me, if I say I'm going to do something, dammit I do it! :) (hello! I've now blogged everyday for about 450 days!)

Last night, in the thick snow and freezing wind I kept my promise for day 1. I ran my little heart out. Literally. It beat so hard by the end of the run that it broke right through my bones and skin and bounced around in the snow.


Last thing, let me just say that I hated it. When I finished I felt like I was going to die for about 30 minutes. I hope that goes away! And let's hope it's all worth it in the end. (to myself: sexy wedding day, sexy wedding day, ...)

Talk to you soon,


  1. Haha! You kill me! You can do it, Dale! Just think, only 99 days left. Aint no thang.

  2. You can do it! I know you can! And besides, I told Mere I'm coming all the way from Australia for your wedding (love how I invited myself? ) so I am going to hold you to it! ;)

  3. haahaa! Thanks for the Monday morning laugh! Funny stuff!

  4. Dale, You should post pics of the journey! Start with a Before pic from today!

  5. Good for you! I totally would have gone back to bed - you powered through! You can definitely do 100 days!! :)

  6. You are way too funny! Laughing burns a lot of calories. Drink diet dr.pepper It is yummy!!!!! i think the picture idea of your journey is a winner! Can't wait to see them.


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