Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Come hear me speak at WPPI!

Hey everybody! This is a photog post - if you're a bride of ours scroll on down and look at yesterday's awesomeness that is Selene and Phil.

Photogs! If you're heading to WPPI next week, make a point to come hear Mere and me blab about creative Raving Fans which leads to staying booked all year round. My single favorite thing about owning a photography business is that our clients LOVE us. Yes, all caps on that LOVE. And we LOVE them too!

Learn how to create your own little love fest Monday and Wednesday at 10:30 at the MpixPro booth (right by the big ol' Canon booth).

Also, you like that shot of Bobbi and Mike? I was the art director for the shoot. Fun, huh? I love me some Bobbi and Mike!

Talk to you soon,

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