Saturday, April 24, 2010

On the Go, Again

Hey everybody!

I'm not sure when this ever stops, but we're on the go again. Weren't we just in Atlanta? I'm pretty sure, but it's all a blur. Right now, I'm in the Sheraton Lobby in Kansas City. Meredith is doing a shoot and as soon as she's finished we're off to photograph Deepa's wedding reception - we're totally look forward to it, and has made this trip to KC worthwhile.

But it doesn't end there. Tomorrow we're heading to Chicago for more shooting. Ellie's coming with us so I'm sure there is a trip to the American Girl store in my future. Remember last time?

Ellie remembers this:

But Daddy remembers this:

Yes, we travel a lot. I know it sounds glamorous. Let me just say that it's pretty draining physically, mentally, and emotionally. I'm glad I'm (relatively) young - and that Chicago has a W Hotel, or this jetsetting lifestyle would be the death of me.

Talk to you soon,

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