Tuesday, April 20, 2010

W Hotel: Our home away from home

Hey everybody!
Meredith and I just got home from (yet another) trip. This time we were off to Atlanta for a secret session weekend. Meredith booked shoots and I brought a lot of work to do as she shot away.

Our home away from home is the W Hotel. Anytime we can, we stay at this hotel. It has super style and an overall great EXPERIENCE. I'm all about experience, as it's something I strive to offer our clients, so I totally get what they're trying to do.

Another great thing I love about the W is that is is a perfect case study in branding. Their brand is carried out in every little thing they do: from the lobby to the room decor to the whatever/whenever service. It's my secret goal to have my home look like a W Hotel someday - ha ha!

If you don't follow me on twitter, you didn't get to see my office for the past few days. I'll post the iPhone pics below. You'll see another reason why I prefer the W Hotel. :)

I will say, that I don't love traveling as much as I used to. The process itself is taxing, being away from home and from Ellie is a total drag, and I can never be as productive as I am at home, but being at the W Hotel takes away some of the pain.

Talk to you soon,

-- Post From My iPad


  1. Of course Mr. Benfield has an IPAD! DUH! How cool! Mom and I went to look at them at Best Buy and I must say...they are pretty cool! Maybe a Christmas present??!?! I think so! Glad you guys had fun and relaxed a little! You deserve it!

  2. We love staying at W hotels too! They're the best. And we want our house to look like one as well. Great minds think alike I guess! Glad yall made it back home safe and sound!


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