Saturday, May 22, 2010

Dreaming in Black and Pink

Hey everybody!

It wasn't weird at all photographing my best friend's wedding.  I thought it might be because it was a complete blend of my personal and professional life, but it was so natural for me to be there and do my thing.  Tom and Emily, like all our couples, are just so cool that you can't help but be inspired to get great shots. 

Emily, who was the mastermind behind all the planning and execution, picked some really AMAZING details.  Get ready for some MAJOR PINK AND BLACK.

First off, I have to show you her shoes.  Is it fair to start high?  I mean, how do you go up from here?

Okay, now that we've exercised our shoe fetish, let's move on to the other details.  She had such a clear vision of what to make this wedding, and it showed:

Since skateboarding is a big part of the Walters' lifestyle, it is only natural that his groom's cake would be a skateboard.  Benny Awards nominee??  Yes, I think so!

Lastly, I have to show you my socks.  I know, that has nothing to do with her details, so just pretend you're looking at the converse that all the groomsmen wore.  :)

Tomorrow, I'm going to share the wedding day with you, so come on back!

Talk to you soon,

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