Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dyer's First Portrait Session

Hey everybody!

When I asked Jenessa if we could go ahead and post Dyer's first portraits on the blog, she answered, "Yes, he's very excited to be famous." Ha ha! I suppose Ellie thinks she's famous, so it might as well start with Dyer too. That's too funny.

Just a few days after Jenessa and Mark brought their little baby home (and after Mere and I got back from Italy) we headed over to take pictures of the sweet little boy.

It's so funny, I feel like I'm an uncle! :)

Okay, time for some heart melting...

Talk to you soon,

P.S. Remember that Monday is when you sign up for the Shoot Your Kids workshop!!

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  1. LOVE the first and third ones. PRECIOUS BABY.


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