Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Groomsman Photographer Strikes Again

Hey everybody!

I can't tell the story of Tom and Emily without including Chloe. When she's not being ornery...
... she's being precious...
Here's a shot of the groomsman (me) photographing the groom. I'm a special part of the day, right?!?!
I mean, I got to hold the ring after all!

I love this shot of Tom with his nephew...

...who is definitely a future pro-skater...

Then it was dancy-dance time. Did I, or did I not, get the best first dance moment? I love the dipping kiss.

Care to explain? Sure. Some of us boys thought we'd entertain the crowd with our pretty voices. Yep, we did that.

Definitely my favorite moment of the night (remember: daddy/daughter moments get me BIG TIME): Tom and Chloe choreographed a dance together to entertain the guests. Entertain.They.Did.

Tom, Em, and Clover: I love y'all, and I look forward to our continued friendship and life together. And the countless games of Tecmo Super Bowl.

Talk to you soon,

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