Friday, May 28, 2010

Guiding Light - Wedding Day Planning

Hey everybody!

Today is a very important BRIDE post.  When you're planning your wedding day, it's so important to think about lighting and how it aligns with your wedding day portraits.

Here's a very helpful link to know the sunset times: - this is of course for Fayetteville, but if you're one of my distant stalkers, is what you need.

So, let's put this to use - if you're getting married in November and have a 6pm ceremony, are you going to get sunny portraits AFTER your ceremony?  According to the almanac, it'd take a freak-occurrence for that to happen.

For Benfield Photography couples, we prefer to have some portrait time during the hour before sunset - this ensures some deliciously scrumptious portraits with lovely light.  We never force a couple to see each other (yeah, we hear stories), but we will work with you on your schedule to get the best portraits possible.

Talk to you soon!

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