Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Is my "resting face" doomed???

Hey everybody!

Meredith always mentions my future "resting face." Do you know what this is? This is the face your face will automatically make when you're not making a face when you're older. DID THAT MAKE SENSE AT ALL?!?!?? Anyway, I think she tells me this because I need to start now if I plan on having a happy little resting face. I have a tendency to frown while I'm driving - I'm not mad, it's just because of the bright light. Anyway, can't you just see me as an old man with a mean face? I can already hear the neighborhood kids gawking at Old Man Benfield. Ha ha ha!!!

Okay, so the reason I share that with you is because Stacey has NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT. This girl smiles 99 percent of the time. Not only that, SHE GIGGLES!!! Oh, it was adorable - Meredith and I kept cracking up when we were photographing hers and Brandon's engagement photos. It was like a 90 minute non-stop giggle. Anyway... precious. Time to look at some giggly pics!

Talk to you soon,

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