Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture-Perfect Day: Brooke and Patrick's wedding story

Hey everybody!

Brooke, as stunning as a bride can be, gets her own detail collage with shoes dress, jewelry, and flowers.

Our dashing groom Patrick...

They had one of the sweetest first meetings.

This moment right here is my very favorite part about first meetings. Just the two of them: very sweet, very intimate, very special.

This is my stalker lens from the balcony at Pulaski Heights Methodist Church.

I always think about these rays as Heaven smiling (cheesy, I know - but I love cheesy). Meredith grabbed this shot outside the Clinton Library as we were heading in to the reception.

More great details...

Not the first time Brooke cried. And not the last. :)

I love this first dance shot. What a happy moment for Brooke and Patrick.

A perfect ending to this day. See? They're totally adoring of each other.

Talk to you soon,


  1. WOW! Those are amazing and she is one of the most beautiful brides ever! I am already putting down my vote for the best dress for your Benny Awards next year. Christy S

  2. great captures. outstanding wedding pics sir!

  3. my thoughts exactly. this couple is going to win big. i like the simple, classy style they have. :)

  4. Dale... great work as always! Love checking out your blog in my feedreader - Daily!

  5. Awww. I remember them from the LR shoot last fall! Beautiful couple and beautiful pictures!

  6. Amazing as usual! Next time you are in LR you should give me a call and we will do lunch or something!! Missing you!!!--Mel


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