Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Great Shot Ruined. (DJ covered the dancefloor in Little Green Bugs)

Hey everybody!

Happy Father's Day! Being a father is the best thing about my life. If you took away my home, my photography business, and everything else in my life, I would be okay because I would still be a father to my precious Ellie.

Also, it goes without saying that daddy/daughter moments get me. Bethany's wedding day was filled with these, which is the reason I was a BAWL-BAG by the end of the night.

Below is a shot of Bethany and her father during their first dance. It was a very sweet, slow song, and the two couldn't have been more emotional.

However, the shot was almost ruined.

The DJ (who probably deserves his own blog post of eccentricities - that's me being nice), had this terrible green laser light that shot "little green bugs" on anybody who would dance on the dancefloor. Because of this, I've had to spend hours in post editing out little green bugs off everybody's bodies. DJs: please be considerate to photographers. I'm a nice guy--too nice to say anything in person--but just so you know, you make our jobs harder with your crazy bug lights.

Here is the shot I'm talking about - a before and after - and this one isn't even that bad. I included others that are just beyond repair.

Bride and Grooms: ask your DJs what lighting they're bringing ahead of time, and make sure they know you don't want your body covered in little green bugs.

Okay! Talk to you soon!

Ruined shot...
Ruined shot...
Ruined shot...

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