Friday, June 4, 2010

Letter to My Brother: Not my usual post

Hey everybody!

Bear with me today - I'm using this blog for something a little more personal. My brother, whose wife is pregnant with their 3rd child in 4 years, recently applied for a really great teaching job. After a month of multiple rounds of interviews and a teaching observation session, he didn't get the job. Though he was qualified for it, and did really well at each stage of the process, the committee had a candidate with more collegiate teaching experience.

I'm going to publicly offer him encouragement, just in case any of my readers are in the same boat.

Hey Brother!

It broke my heart to get the news about your job. But then I remembered a story I had once heard, and realized something special. First the story...

A young boy was sitting at his grandmother's feet as she sat in an old rocking chair working nimbly at a cross-stitch pattern. Every day, the boy would go and sit at his grandmother's feet and watch her as she worked on the project, and every day the boy would grow more and more confused.
Finally, one day the boy asked his grandma what she was doing. It looked as though there was no rhyme or reason to her stitching from down below.
She told her grandson, "From where you're sitting, this probably looks like a complete mess. But come up here and view it from my perspective."
The boy went up, up, up and sat on his grandmother's lap and witnessed NOT the chaotic overlapping and entanglement of thread, but a beautiful image.
The grandmother said, the view from up here is shows that there was a plan the entire time; you just couldn't see it from where you were."

I hope I did that story justice. I know it has become cliche in today's world to say that God has a plan for your life, but this is clearly evident that you can't see HIS big picture. But don't give up hope, Brother, because even though life looks chaotic and entangled, God's picture for your life is beautiful.

Which brings me to my realization: You didn't get that job because... right now... you are EXACTLY where the Lord wants you. And that is an encouraging thought!

Love you brother!


Talk to you soon,

P.S. Here's who I'm writing the letter to:

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