Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Our Wedding Photographer! (the 3rd biggest announcement this week)

Hey everybody!

It's wedding announcement time! First, our wedding going to be Wednesday, March 23rd. I know, that's a weird day - but because most of our friends are wedding vendors, and because we wanted said friends to be able to come if they're able, a middle of the week wedding works best.

Let me just jump in and say it. Our wedding photographer is...

Becker has a pretty good bio on his own site: so you can click the link and learn more about him.
However, I thought I'd write about why I chose [b] as my wedding photographer.

First, he's a great friend. I think it's important that a wedding couple gets along great with their photographer (I say it at every client meeting I have). So, I'm practicing what I preach. Becker and I can't be trusted in each other's presence due to our inclination to be mischievous - especially if rental cars are involved. And that's the way I like it.

Second, he's great at what he does. I love his style and ability to capture amazing details, real moments and relaxed portraits of every single client he's photographed for more than a decade. Seriously. He's crazy consistent and I love that. That, and his teddy-bear-ness.

Enough of me blabbing, check out a few images from his blog...
He can handle the pressure of photographing photographers. Here's a shot of the lovely and talented Jessica Claire on her wedding day.

If you get out your magnifying glass, you can see me 2nd shooting in this shot - from a wedding at Garvan Gardens...

And a couple of insanely gorgeous engagement images:

Tomorrow, we're announcing WHERE it'll be. You don't want to miss it - it's kind of like a dream come true for us!

Talk to you soon,

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