Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Shea and Nick's Conway Wedding: the Real Wedding details

Hey everybody!

Shea and Nick's wedding was a gorgeous as the couple themselves. I love that the couple really knew the feel they were going for, and lit the reception to convey that. Note to brides: Lighting is exciting! Oh boy, that was CHEESY. Seriously though, can you imagine the same images without the yummy color in the background?

Hello ambiance!

Okay, so check out some details from their wedding in Conway, Arkansas.
Hey there, fun ring shot!
Shea's hairstylist is kind of amazing.  She came to the bridal portrait session too.  And I just realized I didn't post those shot!  Ah, dang!  Okay, back on track.  Here's Shea getting some finishing touches...
How cool is this shot - and Mere rocks the processing - as Shea and dad are heading into the chapel
Isn't this chapel pretty?!

I couldn't  fit this into the detail collage... it deserves its own shot anyway.
Nick was proud of this groom's cake... he said he thought it was Benny Awards material.  You know what?  He was right!
Future grooms: this is how you first dance with your new wife.
Look at the size of this cake!
Future grooms: this is how you remove a garter from your new wife.  :)
Doesn't Shea look SOOOO happy?!?!  THIS is why I love what I do.

This is definitely the most adorable shot of the night.  Shea's showing some attitude!

Thanks Shea and Nick for letting us share your wedding with you! 

Talk to you soon,

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