Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Daddy Daughter Date Night! Beauty and the Beast

Hey everybody!

One of Ellie's birthday presents was a special little daddy/daughter date night that included seeing the Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast at the Walton Arts Center. The WAC is one of my favorite things about living in Fayetteville - so many great shows come through here and have totally enriched my (and Ellie's) life.

We started the night at Bordino's - I reminded Ellie that Bordino's was where I proposed to Meredith. Her eyes immediately shot up to the balcony. And she knew she was going someplace special. We ordered meatballs for dinner, which she turned into a meatball sandwhich that she washed down with a Shirley Temple - a rare treat.

Then, with her American Girl Doll, Lanie, dressed up as Belle (thanks to Etsy), and Ellie dressed up as Sleeping Beauty, we hopped over to the WAC. We brought a handful of books to donate to kids in need as we checked in at the box office. I didn't remember what seats I got, as I bought them the day they were announced about half a year ago (it seems), so I was excited when I saw they were row C. I was even more excited when I saw that row C was actually the front row. And we were in the middle. Don't know how that happened.

Anyway... on with the show. It was, seriously, incredible! I don't want to give anything away (not that you don't already know the story), but the acting was so wonderful. Le Fou and Lumiere were outstanding and super hilarious. The Beast and Belle made you want to run on stage and throw a bear hug around them. Their voices were both unbelievable.

If you have children, please take them if you're able. It's such a great show, and it's such a special thing to expose your child to the arts at an early age. Ellie, during intermission, said to me, "I wonder what it's like to be Belle up on stage." Then, she became fascinated with the pit orchestra and had to look during the intro to the second act. I love that she is soaking all this in.

So, anyway, that was daddy/daughter date night. Super fun, super sweet. I hope she remembers it for a long long time.

Talk to you soon,

Thanks to the person behind me for taking a picture of us with my iPhone.  The OLD iPhone. blugh.  ;)

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