Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rachel and Travis Tie the Knot: the wedding details!

Hey everybody!

The wonderfully talented Jenessa Bailey had the golden touch with Rachel and Travis' wedding.  Everything she touched turned into extraordinary.  She's great at planning all the little details of the wedding, and I love capturing them.  To add to it all, Rachel has super style.  She picked out details herself that are quite to die for.  Add that the wedding was at the Inn at Carnall Hall and you have a recipe for a fabulous wedding. Take a look for yourself!

My fun wedding board of details - mimosas, outside chandeliers, and lots of bling...

The Burberry shoes for the kids are so rad!

You think this table display is cool? (well, yes!) Well, just wait until you see the special tables for the kids - coming tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

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