Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What to do with 4 hours of free time (in San Francisco)

Hey everybody!

I've shown you some fun pics from San Francisco that I took during Nikki and Garney's e-session, but I also got to spend a few hours in the city before we had to head home. I know, crazy busy, but you take what you can get!

We had literally 4 hours of free time and, because I had never been to San Francisco before, I really wanted to hit a couple highlights. And take a foot shot. You know us!

So, we went down the crookedest street in the world. What's it called? Oh yeah, Lombard Street. That was cool - a little trippy. Then we went to see the Painted Ladies.

And of course I had to stop by (quickly) the Apple store. That sentence read really weird, didn't it?

I caught glimpses of some famous bridges and Alcatraz, had hot chocolate at Ghiradelli Square, and stayed at the W hotel. All in all, a great trip. Short, but great.

Talk to you soon,

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