Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Abby and Nate's Eco Green Wedding: The lovely details

Hey everybody!

Abby and Nathan were green before green was cool. Their wedding was filled with gorgeous details that proves that you can have a very pretty wedding and be eco-friendly at the same time. Love this collage!

I know I'd get a million emails asking who did the bouquets and boutonniere, so let me just put it out there: Princess Lasertron - she totally rocked it, right? Right??

I love Abby and Nathan's style.

Even the wildlife followed the dresscode. ((snicker, snicker))

Nathan and Abby married at Black Mountain, near Asheville, in North Carolina. They said, "everybody had to travel from all around for our wedding... we wanted to make it a place worth traveling to." Agreed! Nathan and Abby found this place when Abby was doing her residency (Abby is a Vanderbuilt Medical School alumni). They spent some time in this area and fell in love. With the area. They were already in love themselves. ;)

How could you NOT love this scenery? These were all taken on the day of the wedding, believe it or not!
The plates were made of bamboo, the cups were made of corn (really! they looked like clear solo cups) and so was the cutlery. They served vegan food, representative of their lifestyle. Colorful, huh?

Coming up on the blog: portraits and the wedding story.

Talk to you soon,

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