Friday, August 27, 2010

Indian Wedding Week: Ceremony and Reception Story: the finale!

Hey everybody!

I guess this could be the finale of the week! Meeta and Aatish's wedding and reception was absolutely to die for.
I want to thank Ajit for bringing me to New York - the wedding was such a great experience. Thankfully my mind was a sponge and I absorbed it all. And so did my camera.

Even the horse had fancy shoes! Mere about died when she saw this!
The groom's family led the entire crowd down the city street to the wedding location.
Photographing this groom, on a horse, surrounded by a mob of people, in the middle of New York City was one of the most surreal experiences of my entire career.
The bride also made a dramatic entrance....
The traditional "first look!" His face is priceless!

The cocktail hour included several amazing displays of SUSHI! Be still my heart!

The groom was to find his name on her hand written in the henna.
A fabulous entrance to kick off the reception...
Then family and friends made some poignant speeches.

Then, the REAL first dance. I LOOOOOOVE THIS SHOT!!!

Most people I've seen on a dancefloor. Period.

Talk to you soon,

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