Monday, August 23, 2010

Indian Wedding Week: Meeta and Aatish's Portraits

Hey everybody!

Meredith and I recently flew to NYC to photograph Meeta and Aatish's multi-day Indian wedding extravaganza. It wasn't called an extravaganza or anything... I added that. But as you'll see over this week's posts, it definitely was extravagant.

My good friend and New York Wedding Photographer, Ajit, had us come shoot the wedding alongside him, and we were happy to do it! It really was a spectacular wedding. I won't say how much I heard it cost, but just imaging trading 5 or so of my houses. Ha ha!

Today's post is of Meeta and Aatish's portraits. Because we had two different big shooting days, we had two different portrait sessions (notice the different outfits). Though I will say, both sessions were very quick. We were able to get some super cool shots, though, even in a limited amount of time.

Look at my fave five!

Talk to you soon,

This one was shot using a video light - yummy!

This one and the next was shot using the 200mm 1.8L lens on my Canon 1D mkIV - sick right?!?!

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