Monday, August 2, 2010

TJ Formal Owner Marries in Custom Gown

Hey everybody!

What does the owner of one of the nation's biggest and best wedding (and prom and pageant) dress stores wear on her wedding day?

How about a dress designed by the super talented Rachelle Rose (and the store owner's daughter) just for her! There were so many things to love about the dress Rachelle designed for her mother. It was unique and it was classy... I can't say enough great things about it.
As a dress shop owner, Roanna gets a detail collage all about the dresses. :)

Rachelle also designed the flowergirl dress for 1-year-old Evie. It's kind of to-die-for!

Roanna, the owner of TJ Formal in Joplin, MO, has been a friend for many years. I'm so pleased she met Bill (father of Jennifer from this wedding!) and found her match. Roanna is such a smart business person - and has been a great business role model over the last decade. Here's a shot of her as her daughters help her with the custom dress.

Regan, a long-time best friend, along with Rachelle and Jennifer and Jessica, made up the bridal party, and all wore Sherri Hill prom dresses as their gowns. All the dresses are available at TJFormal (here's their Facebook page), and it's never too early to start dress shopping! :)
Here's a better shot of that "Evie" on the booty. Ah, love it!

A sweet first kiss as husband and wife...
The reception as at Arde's Villa near Joplin, MO.
Regan and Rachelle thought they'd feed each other some Cupcakes By Liz - quelle romantique! ;)
Then, we (Regan, Rachelle, and I) talked the couple into a first dance in the middle of Arde's Villa. I'm glad we did. Sweet moments.
My college BF and me...
Then silly sister time. Wait, didn't we already have that?

Tomorrow I'm posting portraits of the couple, so come back!

Talk to you soon,

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