Sunday, September 5, 2010

Chapel on the Creeks / Fayetteville Town Center Details: Kimberly and Chase's wedding

Hey everybody!

Details. They're what make up the wedding day as a whole, and what take such vision and meticulous execution to carry out. But in the end, it's a major aspect of what sets weddings apart from one another.

Kimberly and Chase showed their guests a good time, gave them a great meal, and wowed them through their details. With the help of Jenessa at J Bailey Occasions, dreams became reality and, when Kimberly first walked in and saw how the details came together, she cried.

It was such a special moment.

Here's what she saw.

Details from the day (their wedding was at the Chapel on the Creeks)...

Details from the night (their wedding was at the Fayetteville Town Center)...

Tomorrow, I get to share their wedding story with you. And I can't wait!

Talk to you soon,

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