Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Luke and Lauren's Southern Wedding Story

Hey everybody!

I love Arkansas. So much! Luke and Lauren's wedding is one of the purest reasons why. A September 4th wedding, outdoors, yields amazing results. By the way, September 4th was Lauren's parents wedding anniversary - what an extremely touching way to honor her late father's memory.

That was a sappy paragraph, wasn't it?!! If you knew Luke and Lauren like I do, you'd probably get all touchy-feely too. They truly are unique and wonderful. I promise you by the time Friday or Saturday rolls around you'll feel like you know them as well as their best friends.

With that, let's start telling the story of their lovely Southern Wedding.
Momma helping daughter in that pretty room I showed you yesterday.
Love this shot - piano, stairs, gorgeous Southern Bride. :)
Believe it or not, our lovely Southern Bride was in the back seat of our car in this shot. Light was yummy on our way to their first meeting.
LOVE her face as she sees Lauren for the first time. Are you kidding me? This girl makes my job EASY.
My heart just melted into my guts.
A nice wide view of the ceremony, complete with the two adorable readers...
How PRESH are these two ring bearers. What kids this age bow their heads during the prayer. I swear this almost makes me cry!
The SWEETEST ending to a ceremony... ever.
And away they go to the reception. You're gonna die when you see it!

Talk to you soon,

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