Friday, September 17, 2010

Southern Wedding Reception Details: Luke and Lauren tie the knot

Hey everybody!

It's been torture not putting these images up until now. I wanted to lead off all their posts with a shot of their reception, and not jumping the gun has taken a lot of internal strength.
Randall from Eventures made the trek to Marvel, Arkansas, to set up some really breathtaking tables for this fabulous Southern Wedding.
Outdoor weddings have such great lighting. Ahhhhh....
These actually belonged in the other detail post, but I forgot. Couldn't not show them...
I love this wide shot that showcases the background too...
He plays guitar (more on that in a later post) so his grooms cake showed that. Lauren said she wanted the cakes to look homemade and pretty. Done and done!
Okay, I know... I know... this shot has people in it, but I just had to show the shot as a detail (I couldn't wait) that Meredith took from above of the reception.

Reception story time tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

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