Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Art Feeds in Action: dance-a-palooza!

Hey everybody!

First off, THANK YOU for all your votes so far! And a SPECIAL thanks to those who have added widgets to their blog to support Art Feeds! I'm still on a mission to donate $1000 to them by counting your comments on my posts that say you voted - so keep voting!

Honestly, my mind has been consumed by their cause since I first interviewed the Art Feeds staff last week. I decided that I'd capture them in action to show a snippet of what they're all about.

To do that, I thought I'd follow them around for a day and photograph what they were up to. It was totally fun--they really are a fun, talented team--and here's the first part of the day: dancey dance time!

Did you vote for Art Feeds today? and text 101784 to 73774

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